Michelle Porter Fit was created to make fitness and nutrition easily accessible to everyone. I strive to provide: reliable fitness and nutrition information, healthy recipes, fun-but-effective workouts and tutorials, and inspiration/motivation to promote a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle.

I'm super passionate about: healthy recipe development, fitness, photography, Instagram, coaching, and influencing happy, healthy lifestyles.

I love to work with various brands on exciting new projects & initiatives.


RECIPE CREATIONS: Do you have a gluten-free, healthy, delicious product? I'd love to help you develop creative recipes to promote you brand and product on your social media, website, and blog as well as on my own. 


BRAND AMBASSADOR: I love discovering brands that are also passionate and enthusiastic about healthy eating, fitness, and encourage a balanced lifestyle. I'd love to chat with you about your brand ambassador programs.


CONTENT CREATION: Are you looking for food or fitness photographs to share on your brand's social media, website, or blog? If so, I'd love to help!


PRODUCT EXPOSURE: Are you a brand that offers products that promote healthy living and a well balanced lifestyle? If so, I'd love to sample your product and write about it if your brand/product is a mutual fit. 


FREELANCE FOR SOCIAL MEDIA: Do you need help growing your social media following? Do you have a community & tribe surround you/your product? I’d love to work with you to create a plan and grow your social media. I have over 2 years of experience growing brand’s social media, influencer community & public relations.

*Please email me at: to chat about rates/packages*