A year ago, I relocated from Michigan to Texas and was working the night shift as a nurse in a busy hospital ER. Between the change in my work schedule and my body trying to survive on very little sleep and poor food choices and the change in my social schedule (my husband and I needed to try all of the Texas BBQ places!) I put on 40 pounds of weight on top of my already overweight body. I reached out to Michelle and she helped me drop the weight! I’m down almost 50 pounds and have about 10 pounds to go to reach my goal weight!
— Jennifer M.
After having my second baby, I looked into the mirror and didn’t even recognize my own body. The body looking back at me was drastically different than my in shape pre-baby body. I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable. I tried The 21 Day Fix and Whole 30 but it wasn’t until Michelle put me on a custom nutrition program that I was able to get my body back! I was shocked at the amount of food and variety of food that I am able to eat on my custom plan. This summer, our family went to Ocean City and for the first time in 4 years, I felt confident wearing a bikini!
— Vanessa F.
Feeling pretty proud of myself, Michelle Porter Fit helped me lose 10 lbs in 30 days, forgot to measure inches lost, but clothes don’t lie, my skin is glowing, I’ve changed my eating habits and feel confident that with all the tips and recipes shared, the weight will not come back, thanks Michelle Porter Fit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
— Ellen R.
I went on the Michelle Porter Fit 7Day Lean Nutrition Plan and in 14-weeks I went from a size 39 inch waist to a 32 inch waist.

I loved the flexibility of the plan and that it provides 7 full days of meal plans. Having a variety is nice, however, I chose the simplify my plan option suggested in the plan and picked a few meal options and stuck to them repetitively.

The weight started to melt away after 18 days. The results were unbelievable and the amazing thing was that I was never hungry.

Thank you Michelle Porter Fit for my new appearance and my Life Long commitment to your Nutrition Plan.
— Dave P.
I reached out to Michelle for a Custom Nutrition Plan mainly because of an upcoming trip to the British Virgin Islands. I was already in good shape and regularly worked out but wanted to lose some extra weight around my stomach and have more ab definition for my trip.

In five weeks, Michelle helped me lose 17 pounds and get the definition I wanted in my abs for my vacation.

More importantly, Michelle was able to help me optimize my macronutrients for a medical condition that had left me feeling lethargic and sleepy in the mid-afternoon. By optimizing my nutrition, I now have more energy throughout the day and 6 months later I’ve been able to keep all of the weight off!
— Trevor V.