JUNE 11, 2018

Get all of the benefits of individual nutrition coaching for a fraction of the cost!

In our 4 week group nutrition program, sessions are limited to groups of 12 people so clients can still receive semi-personal attention and to encourage discussion among the group during our weekly sessions. 

Through these four 30 minute sessions, receive all of the information, tools, and motivation needed to successfully lose the fat, get healthy, and get happy! 



This 4 week virtual program includes:

NUTRITION & FITNESS ASSESSMENT: Individual nutrition & fitness assessment

  • Prior to our first session, clients will complete an individual nutrition & fitness assessment to assess current nutrition and fitness, goals, lifestyle, habits, and dietary or health needs. 

4 WEEK CUSTOM NUTRITION PLAN: 4 week custom nutrition plan specifically designed for your individual nutritional needs and health/fitness goals.

  • After completing the fitness & nutrition assessment, clients will receive their 4 week custom nutrition plan during our first virtual coaching session. 

VIRTUAL COACHING SESSIONS: Four 30 minute group coaching sessions held via webinar. Sessions are scheduled in advance and are held once a week for four consecutive weeks.


During these four virtual sessions, you will learn: 

  • Nutrition 101
  • What Foods Will & Won't Work for Fat Loss
  • How To Build Healthy Meals
  • Handling Dietary Challenges 
  • Easy To Follow Lean Lifestyle Guidelines
  • Mind For Success: Believe To Achieve!
  • Goal Setting
  • Q&A
  • Progress Check-ins: During weeks 2, 3, 4
  • Common Challenges & Solutions
  • GROUP SUPPORT! We are here to support each other!

PRICING STARTS AT $149.                    THAT'S LESS THAN $35 PER WEEK.

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Please expect to receive your custom 6 Week Program via email within 72 hours of your phone assessment. All consultations and weekly coaching sessions are prescheduled with your coach.

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