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Healthy eating while traveling can be really tough to do.

This past week I did some impromptu traveling and it made me think about how important it is to prep snacks and meal alternatives. 

Prior to working in fitness and nutrition, I was a sales rep and was constantly on the go. Between making sales calls in my territory and traveling to sales meetings and trainings, it's become second nature to pack my food with me.

Also, I get super HANGRY when I'm hungry...think Joe Pesci in the snickers learning to be prepared was my only option!


While the types of food and the amount I pack depend on where I'm going and for how long, I put together a quick travel checklist for the items that I ALWAYS pack no matter what.

In fact, most of the dry items I usually keep in a little soft travel cooler along with plastic cutlery and extra seasonings. This makes it so much easier!

healthy eating travel checklist

Ok, so remember, I pack these items primarily incase I'm in a pinch. The intent isn't to only eat protein powder, nuts, and Larabars while I'm on the go. In fact, The Larabars are really a last effort incase I'm so hangry and there are no gluten free, healthy options around. 



healthy travel snacks

LARABARS: Larabars are a last effort incase I'm hangry and have no other options. Decent protein bars are hard to come by and most on the market are no better than candy bars. Larabars are completely natural with no additives and interestingly enough are Whole30 approved too. I pack one for each day that I am traveling and the goal is to come home with as many as I can. Remember, these are for emergencies.

TEA BAGS: It's so nice to have your favorite tea blends when traveling. Tea is a great alternative to coffee and a great option when you want something different than water. I usually pack 2 tea bags for each day traveling.

NUTS, SEEDS, AND NUT BUTTER: Almonds, Pistachios, and Chia Seeds are my regulars. I pack these in snack baggies and keep them with me at all times. If I'm packing nut butter, I typically will pack single size packets of Justin's Almond Butter. This time I was staying at my mom's house and she has plenty of nut butter on hand.

WHEY PROTEIN POWDER: I usually pack a variety of whey flavors. My regulars are: chocolate, cinnamon bun, and cafe mocha. If I would have to choose only ONE flavor to pack, it would be vanilla or cinnamon bun since they mix well with everything...By themselves, in a fruit smoothie, mixed in oatmeal, mixed in coffee...Protein powder probably the most important item I pack.

CINNAMON: Cinnamon comes in handy for some extra flavor on just about everything too!

TRUVIA: Don't judge me! Desperate times call for desperate measures and when I get a sweet attack, Truvia is one of the better options on the market. I keep a few packets on hand just incase.



healthy travel snacks

COFFEE: I like to bring my own coffee with me when I travel. This time I was headed to my mom's and she loves her coffee too, so I wasn't worried at all about having good coffee. I did bring Cafe Bustelo though because I like it so much.

CACAO POWDER: Cacao powder and a little bit of Truvia mixed together and sprinkled over some fruit or gluten free oatmeal makes an awesome guilt free dessert treat. I bring a couple Tablespoons of Cacao powder in a snack baggie with me.

MEXICAN DARK CHOCOLATE: Sometimes you just need a piece of chocolate. I love this Taza Chocolate and I think one piece is much more satisfying than eating an entire bar junk chocolate.



healthy travel snacks

The choices in fruit I packed with me had everything to do with what was currently in my home.

Apples, oranges (blood oranges this time), and berries are when I usually pack.

This time I brought a couple of bananas because I had them on hand, didn't want them to go bad, and have enough frozen bananas in the freezer already.


healthy travel snacks

Usually I pack snack bags of assorted veggies but this time since I was staying at my mom's house and I know she has a loaded refrigerator, I didn't pack my veggies. 


Hopefully this checklist will help make your healthy eating while traveling more practical!