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Do you have a Spotify account yet? If not, it's time to join the party! is completely life changing, especially for workouts.

Music is everything, especially when you're working out. Music has the ability to motivate you, put you in a better mood when you're not feeling great, and music can really get you up and moving.




1. SO MUCH MUSIC FOR FREE. Remember when you used to have to pay $1.99 per song from iTunes? That's so 2010. A Spotify basic account is absolutely FREE and you have access to almost any artist and song you would want (Except Taylor Swift and Adele's 25, but word is that may be changing soon..fingers crossed!).

A PREMIUM upgrade is only $9.99 per month and this is totally worth it. You can listen to your playlists without commercials and can have access to them when you're offline (basically like having iTunes playlist on your phone but without eating up all of the phone's storage).


2. MAKE AND SHARE PLAYLISTS. With all of this music, you can build your own playlists that are accessible both online and offline (offline playlists are like having iTunes downloaded to your phone/ipod) and you can share your music with the public, your friends, and your followers.


3. FOLLOW FRIENDS AND YOUR FAVORITE ARTISTS. You can follow your friends on Spotify and get access to their public playlists and the lists they share with their followers. So that friend that always has the best mixes, well you can follow them and have access to their lists too. Like having a personal DJ!

You can also follow your favorite artists (Beyonce, Drake, Justin Beiber, Tiesto, etc) and get   access to their playlists and notifications when they release new music on spotify too.


4. DISCOVER NEW MUSIC. This is my favorite function! You can browse music and select music types based on mood, top hits, genres, etc. Spotify also releases several types of playlists that they update almost weekly like "Friday Feel Good", "Party Anthems", "Rap Caviar", "Workout Music" etc. 

Browsing music on spotify to find new music has really kicked up the quality of my playlists and, in turn, make my groups classes more fun!


If you're not on spotify yet, or if you are and haven't really learned the ropes, take some time to figure it out and give it a go. Once you get comfortable, you'll wonder how you've been surviving without it!