Too busy to relax they say... complaints, excuses everyday

They sound so weak, so stressed, so tired... a mundane world in which they’re mired

No time to sit and just be quiet... their mind’s a rush of thoughts, a riot

No chance they have to hear the sound... of nature’s wonder all around

Of birds and trees and clouds and air... too much work, it’s just not fair

This really seems quite sad to me... so much to do, no time to be


Breathe I say and move a bit

Then after that we can just sit

And watch the world at its own pace There is no rush, it’s not a race

And if it were, what is the goal?

Where are you going mind, body, soul?


Too busy to relax I hear... these words seem like they’re based in fear

Tired, weak and too much stress... how did our lives turn such a mess?

We don’t need to look above... to find a place that’s based in love

Turn instead and look within... find your self, it is no sin


Forgive, let go, open your heart... it is the only place to start

Think on that and you might find... throughout your life you have been blind


Breathe I say and move some more

Run, walk, jump, stretch on the floor

Move your body, get up and go

Feel the energy, let it flow


Don’t get caught in negative habits that won’t let you live


Too busy to relax? Not true! ... this hoax must end, it starts with you

If all you do is just the same... you never will escape this game

Do something new, do something Zen... begin right now, not ‘if’ or ‘when’

Do one thing different, or two, or five... change how you live, become alive

Do or do not, there is no try... step off the cliff and start to fly


Begin with this, you won’t go wrong...

Remember to breathe, deep and long.