Up until recently, I never really paid attention to if a food was "in season." I guess I just figured that if a fruit or vegetable was in the grocery store, then what does it matter?

The past couple months, I've paid more attention to seasonal foods ad have been buying "in season." This is partly because of the wonderful Farmer's Markets in my town, but also to eat a greater variety. 


  1. COST. Shopping your local Farmer's Market and purchasing in season foods are generally much less expensive than buying out of season. Why? Because the abundance of these in season fruits and vegetables is far more and when they are grown locally, they don't have to be imported from another region or country, which also increases costs.
  2. TASTE. More important than cost is the taste. In season fruits and vegetables are at their peak for flavor. You really haven't tasted a heirloom tomato or a fresh fig until you have tasted them locally grown in late august/early September. The difference in taste is by fat the greatest benefit of buying seasonal foods. Once you experience these fruits and vegetables at their peak, it's hard to enjoy them as much in the off season.
  3. VARIETY. Shopping seasonally puts a greater variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Variety is key to get healthy amounts of vitamins and minerals, which vary from food to food. Variety also helps to keep food exciting and enjoyable! When we enjoy our food, we are less likely to become bored and fall off the healthy food wagon.

Here's a list of the fruits and vegetables that are in their prime in September (for the USA).