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Have you ever wanted to start living a healthy and fit life but feel incredibly overwhelmed about how to start? Here's a list of 99 small things you can do to become healthier starting TODAY!

1.     Drink more water.

2.     Clean out the fridge.

3.     Clean out the freezer.

4.     Clean out the cabinets, pantry, and candy drawer. THROW OUT THE JUNK!

5.     Clean out the spice cabinet. Get rid of spice packets and marinades that contain additives, chemicals, sugars, corn starch, or corn syrup.

6.     Fill your fridge, freezer, cabinets, and pantry with lean proteins, fibrous vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats.

7.     Plan all of your meals for the week.


8.     Write your grocery shopping list.

9.     Grocery shop for the week.

10.  Try some new vegetables!

11.  Try green juice.

12.  Buy a juicer.

13. Find a protein powder that you like.

14.  Try cooking with coconut oil.

15.  Buy a blender.

16.  Park in the back of the supermarket parking lot and walk a little further.

17.  Shop the perimeter of the grocery store: fresh produce, meat and fish department, eggs the dairy department.

18.  Carry all your grocery bags inside yourself.

19.  Wash and prep vegetables and fruit to have healthy snacks on hand.

20.  Go for a walk.


21.  Go for a run.

22.  Start a running program like couch to 5k.

23.  Stretch.

24.  Foam roll.

25.  Workout today!

26.  Do yoga.

27.  Try a boot camp class.

28.  Try a spin class.

29.  Try a free class at any fitness studio.

30.  Get a workout buddy: Call a friend that is also getting healthy and schedule workout buddy dates.

31.  Stand more and sit less during the day.

32.  Prop your computer up and work from a standing position.

33.  Take the stairs. Skip the elevators and escalators.

34.  Organize your fitness clothes.

35.  Pick out some new workout outfits that you’re excited to wear.

36.  Invest in workout sneakers that are comfortable.

37.  Get a supportive sports bra.

38.  Grab a notebook and create a food journal to keep yourself accountable.

39.  Download a food log app like myfitnesspal to keep yourself accountable.

40.  Create some workout playlists that get you excited to workout.

41.  Write down your goals.

42.  Make a vision board.

43.  Create a 90 day plan to achieve your goals.

44.  Call up a friend that encourages you and tell them about your goals.

45.  Watch or listen to a motivational video. Eric Thomas, Les Brown, etc.

46.  Leave your desk for lunch.

47.  Take a walk during your lunch break.

48.  Walk to work instead of hopping on the subway or in a cab.

49.  Walk home from work.

50.  Pack a healthy lunch.

51.  Use almond milk instead of creamer in your coffee.


52.  Smile.

53.  Laugh!

54.  Make someone else laugh!

55.  Watch a funny YouTube video or movie.

56.  Call up an old friend and catch up.

57.  Take the afternoon off and take a mental break.

58.  Get off the couch!

59.  Do lunges.

60.  Do pushups.

61.  Do bodyweight squats.

62.  Do sit-ups.

63.  Do planks.

64.  Let go of whatever is holding you back.

65.  Forgiveness. Forgive others and forgive yourself.

66.  Quit the job you hate.

67.  Line up interviews for a new job.

68.  Change careers altogether.

69.  Start those hobbies you’ve always wanted to do but didn’t have time.

70.  Make time for those hobbies!

71.  Evaluate your priorities. What makes you happy?

72.  Get rid of the time wasters and spend more time doing what makes you happy.


73.  Turn off the TV!

74.  Get off the computer.

75.  Go outside!

76.  Clean out your closet…Unload the junk.

77.  Sell clothes, shoes, and items on eBay.

78.  Donate items to charity.

79.  Commit to a long-term fitness goal: sign up for that 5K, 10K, or competition.

80.  Plant flowers in your yard.

81.  Pull weeds and mulch the yard yourself.

82.  Do yardwork: water the flowers, rake the leaves, shovel snow…

83.  Clean out your garage.

84.  Wash your car yourself.

85.  Call up a grandparent to say hello.

86.  Send out some cards in the mail to some special people just because.

87.  Do a random act of kindness for someone else.

88.  Dance!

89.  Floss. Dental hygiene is very important.

90.  Drink green tea.

91.  Make your own flavored water.

92.  Skip the soda and diet soda.

93.  Develop a mindset of abundance not scarcity.

94.  Focus on adding more healthy things to your life and not what you’re taking away.

95.  Skip the high heels today.

96.  Pack your gym bag.

97.  Update your gym bag necessities and post workout toiletries.

98.  Set your alarm to wake up early...


99. DECIDE that you're going to get up and do it again tomorrow!