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It's the Monday after Christmas weekend and many of us are starting to plan our attack on our jolly jingle bellies earned from indulging in Fall Pumpkin Spice Lattes all the way through this weekend's left over Christmas Cookies. 


Here's our four quick tips on how to lose weight after Christmas: 

1) WATER! With holiday dinner feasts, cookies galore, and lots of holiday alcohol cheer...HYDRATION IS NECESSARY. When we're dehydrated, our bodies hold onto excess water (water weight--yuck!), excess sodium from savory dinners lingers in our systems (adding to the water weight), and dehydration also slows down your metabolism and brain function.

Up the water intake to feel better immediately and to get a headstart on shedding the holiday weight.


2) GET ACTIVE. I know, I know...Who doesn't want to Netflix and chill all day in their cozy pajamas indulging in holiday cheer? Make an effort to get active even it's only for 30 minutes a day. Stop into the gym, drop into a fitness class, do a workout at home, go for a run...Get your 10,000 steps in each day. Just do something. You'll feel better for it!


3) MAKE SMART CHOICES. Leftover Christmas Cookies probably aren't the best choice for breakfast. Enjoy your holiday dinners and parties but in between, make smart choices. Balance out your decadent meals by eating healthier meals the rest of the day, use portion control, and make sure that each meal or snack includes protein to help fill you up and balance out the sugar and carb intake.


2015-12-19 11.06.51.jpg

4) BE REALISTIC. Weight loss is a process. One or two days out of the entire year isn't going to derail you. Enjoy the holidays. Enjoy your family and friends. Be thankful.

Make smart choices, make an effort to be active, do your best to stay hydrated, and above all enjoy this time with those your love. 


With proper nutrition, the excess weight will come right off. Try our 7 Day Lean Lifestyle Nutrition Plan or a Custom Nutrition Plan to lose that extra weight for good!