Vulnerability = Success?

Vulnerability is often thought of as a weakness. That to be successful in this world, it's survival of the fittest. Being vulnerable will only get you eaten. We are conditioned to think that being strong means to be forceful, cold, emotionless and to never expose your weaknesses.

The problem with this mindset is that it makes us afraid to veer past our comfort zone. Fearful of our weaknesses being exposed, we become defensive to criticism, even it the criticism is constructive. Without moving past our comfort zones and opening up our weaknesses to the criticism, there can be no development.


To be vulnerable is to put ourselves outside of our comfort zone and to push the edge of our fears.

When we are vulnerable we are able to expose ourselves wholly and completely without fear of judgement, without fear of criticism, and without fear of failure.

It is here that we are able to take big risks.


What if...

What if instead of thinking about vulnerability as a weakness, we think of it as an opportunity to really put ourselves out there? To open our hearts up, expose our wounds, and face our fears...To be free of self judgement, free of the fear of judgement from others, and free of the fear of failure.

What if we exposed our wounds and fears to allow ourselves to develop and become better versions of ourselves? To expose our weaknesses  to allow ourselves to become stronger, better...What would happen?


Big risks lead to big rewards.

Vulnerability can be a frightening thing, but it is necessary. Whether it is business, hobbies, relationships, the best results all come from submitting to vulnerability. Being vulnerable opens us up to taking the big risks...To taking a chance, becoming better, to loving deeper. 

Life is short, take a chance!


Today, how will you open yourself up to vulnerability?